Continents apart from one another, two farming families aim to reinvent themselves on their land. One family—a strong-willed French matriarch and the son she raised among her vines—tends a centuries-old, biodynamic vineyard in the South­ern Rhône. Across the ocean in Humboldt, California, another family—a brash father and his more reserved son—carefully manage a state-recognized, organic cannabis farm. The feature documentary Weed & Wine interweaves their stories, urging compar­isons and teasing out contradictions between France’s revered winemaking traditions and the artisan culture emerging along­side the legal cannabis industry.

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Directed and Produced by Rebecca Richman Cohen

Executive Producers: Alysa Nahmias, Graham Boyd, Lauriane Jussiau

Consulting Producers: Caitlin Boyle,
Catherine Siméon

Edited by Nathaniel Hansen

Original Score by Max Avery Lichtenstein

A Racing Horse Films Production 
In Association with Ajna Films

2020 / 89 min

Awards & Festivals
Hot Docs - 2019 (World Premiere)
Deauville Film Festival (European Premiere)
DOC NYC (Audience Award Runner-Up)
Mill Valley Film Festival
Ashland Film Festival

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