While locked-up for six years in federal prison, artist Jesse Krimes secretly creates monumental works of art—including an astonishing 30-foot mural made with prison bed sheets, hair gel, and newspaper. He smuggles out each panel piece-by-piece with the help of fellow artists, only seeing the mural in totality upon coming home. As Jesse's work captures the art world's attention, he struggles to adjust to life outside, living with the threat that any misstep will trigger a life sentence. Leaning into his own identity as a convicted felon and celebrated artist, Jesse turns the spotlight on people still in prison, asking us to question surface representations and to recognize overlooked beauty and power.

The story unfolds through original footage and animations made in collaboration with award-winning animator Molly Schwartz and Jesse Krimes.

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2021 / 85 min

Directed by Alysa Nahmias

Produced by Amanda Spain, Benjamin Murray, Alysa Nahmias
Executive Producers: Sheila Nevins,            Patty Quillin, Jenifer Westphal, Joe Plummer, Hallee Adelman & Ivy Herman
Co-Executive Producers: Nion McEvoy & Leslie Berriman, Ruth Ann Harnisch, Sheri Sobrato-Brisson
Edited by: Miranda Yousef, Benedict Kasulis, Kristen Nutile
Animation/Graphics: Molly Schwartz
Original Score: Amanda Jones

Distributed by MTV Documentary Films / Paramount+

Awards & Festivals
Philadelphia Film Festival, Winner: Audience Award & Best Animation Award
Denver Film Festival
Heartland International Film Festival
Big Sky Documentary Film Festival
RiverRun Film Festival, Winner: Best Documentary
Fargo Film Festival, Winner: Best Documentary
Oxford Film Festival, Winner: Audience Award  

Supported by: Sundance Institute Momentum Fellowship, Wavelength, The New York State Council on the Arts, Meadow Fund, World of HA, LEF Foundation, Wyncote Foundation, The Harnisch Foundation

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